Friday, September 30, 2011

It's Fall in Arizona.

Every year after Labor Day, it's the same old story around here.

The temperature is always one hundred and something and I'm decorating for fall.

Eve, my hutch, put her
 "Vacation in the Hamptons" scrapbook away (finally).

and has taken herself to some midwestern farm town,
where fall is in the air.

Inside, the leaves are changing

the "fall" cookies have been baked,
(pumpkin chocolate chip)

and the next thing you'll know,
it will be October.

I'll be busting out the spooky stuff 
I've been spray painting outside,

while sweating profusely, I might add.

100 degree temps., 
you know what I'd like to do to them?

Happy (delusional) Fall 
from Arizona!


  1. Happy fall to you too! Love all the decorations. We are not having fall weather here right now either!

  2. This is when I get to brag about our weather! Sunny and 70s all week :) Eve is looking oh so pretty.

  3. Oh, how Eve shines in her fallness. Love the pitch fork.

  4. Eve looks adorable! Just crank up the AC so she thinks there is a chill in the air! I have so many adorable Fall Sweaters to wear but its 89 degrees in Denver.


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