Monday, September 19, 2011

Eve's Coastal Journey

Labor Day has come and gone and Eve would like us to believe she has just returned from The Hamptons.

Normally, I don't like to fall victim to people who are delusional, but this time I'm going to play along with her delusions of grandeur because she can come up with some doozy's and after all, she is a hutch.

Before embarking on her trip, Eve pulled out some maps, did some research, pinned them up and charted her course to her coastal destination.

Upon her return, she was toting a fine collections of shells and driftwood, so I displayed them in glass containers and placed the wood directly on the shelves.

Always on a quest for learning, Eve brought along some books and a magnifying glass to study the intricate details of her found coastal objects.

See the bottles in the back?  A romantic at heart, Eve sends messages out to the sea, hoping to find her one true love.
I know it sounds crazy, but a hutch can have dreams too!

Shhhh, here are Eve's Coastal Delusions Revealed..
One Atlas for charting destinations, $1.99

Books for beach side reading, $1 each, from Goodwill of Central Arizona's Dollar Day Thursday.

One bottle to insert message, $1.99.

Shell collecting in Arizona.


  1. I love everything about this, starting with that marvelous hutch and what you've done with it. What a gorgeous collection of evocative items and colors. I have serious hutch envy now and I think I need one. You have a very creative touch!
    Lol re: Eve's delusions revealed. Gotta love Goodwill :o)

  2. Already knew you were crazy before you said that your hutch had dreams :-) It is magnificent though!

  3. FABULOUS!! it...going back to look around....happy weekend...Mariaelena...come on over for a visit....


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