Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Organizing Plain & Simple - My Kitchen Pantry

It is January and since we are all on an organizing roll this month
I'm going to show you how I keep my
pantry organized.

Keeping my master closet and pantry organized did not happen overnight,
I needed a little help.
What helped me with planning, implementing and
staying organized was this book,

In Organizing Plain and Simple, 
The Organized Pantry 
starts with designating specific shelves or sections for certain categories of foods.

Categories might include:

 - Cereals and breakfast items

I keep cereal in plastic containers so I can see when the supply is getting low, 
and to (hopefully) make it
easier for my kids to close the lids,
avoiding the dreaded stale cereal moment.

- Crackers and snack foods.

Popcorn, crackers (in a tin behind the popcorn),
Easy Mac and ramen noodles stay neat and visible in containers, which means I don't have to get up off the couch when they can't find something.

More snack baskets...

and chips stay in place in wire baskets.

Another suggestion I've used throughout the ages
 is to keep like items, such as baking supplies, easily accessible by storing them in a stack and slide basket.

I could easily put a lid on this plastic bin and stack another on top, but for now it works without the lid and it's very easy to slide out when needed.  I keep it in the back of the cabinet behind 
the bread basket.

My pantry shelves are very deep so I store items I don't use often towards the back,
 like the food processor,
slushy machine, etc.

When I purchase bulk items, I empty the contents into big clear containers to keep then sealed, contained and neat.

Storing like items together doesn't stop with our food. I keep all cold medicines, cough drops,
allergy pills, etc, in a plastic bin on the top shelf.
My husband and I don't have to search the medicine cabinets when one of our peeps is in need of some cold medicine, they're all in once place.

The basket on top contains items we need more frequently like, ibuprofen, 
Tums and vitamins. 

This next photo might bring back 
memories of the movie,
but fear not, I'm not that controlling,
but I do like a neat pantry, 
what can I say?

Actually, according to my organizing reference handbook, this tip is a must for an organized pantry,
"Arrange cans, bottles, and boxes on shelves with the labels facing out."
It works like a charm.

I go a step further and keep my cans organized according to their contents:
 tomatoes, broths, soups, beans, vegetables, fruit and tuna, all have their own row.

Another section in my pantry is dry goods, such as pasta,
rice and beans.

I can't forget the candy and gum basket.
This gets more use than the medicine basket.

So there you have it,
My Organized Pantry.

 I owe it all to 
Plain and Simple
Donna Smallin.
You can enter to win it HERE.
Get organized in 2011!

The End.

Join other people on an organizing roll,


  1. I don't need a book, thank you! I need you to pay me a visit and help do all these organizing things....okay? is it a date?

  2. Lisa, you have inspired to to tackle my pantry tonight! After seeing yours I think I'm going to take a shelf or two out. The shelves are so close together that I can't see anything! Thanks for the inspiration boost!

  3. Lisa, I wish you could come organize my mess. I will try soon. I have to.

  4. Wow!! I just stopped by from Kim's and I am super duper impressed!!! I would LOVE for you to come to my house! I organized one drawer and felt pretty good about it! You have a gift! So glad I came by!

  5. Lisa!
    Your pantry looks amazing! I love the way you have organized it. :) Thanks for linking up to my party!

  6. You are good girl. I am proud to say I do some of those same things. My pantry is more like a closet with no light. I should try to solve that problem first and you've inspire me to do just that.

    Hope to see you Thursday.


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