Tuesday, January 26, 2010

My Kitchen Desk Area

Isn't this a lovely piece of art?

I am the owner of this spectacle.

I bought it from G.W.
 because it was cheap and because
 I own this spectacle, as well.

This is the desk area in my kitchen.

It's where my peeps do their homework
and draw masterpieces.

Let me just say,
 it took a lot of guts to show this to you.

School folders, 
a multiplication table,
corbels for the island,
and a brown cobra,
 smack dab in the middle of it all.

Why a builder,
or previous homeowner,
 would install an outlet in the middle of a wall,
 I have no idea.

Well, it's there, 
along with a slice of a 20-year old, tree limb.

Something had to be done with this eyesore
and the brown cord cover was not hiding a thing.

I took that gold masterpiece,
you know,
 the one you were eyeing,

spray painted it bronze,
added a cork board, some burlap,
charmed the cobra,
and hung it in it's new home.

My solution to avoiding the 
cost of moving the outlet. 

Now the desk is clean and organized,
for at least 2 more minutes.

I also made these custom push pins.

Using an old atlas, 
I cut out the names of places my peeps have traveled,
glued them,
 along with long push pins,
 to clear, vase filler stones.

My attempt to sublimely remind them 
that they actually have a good time when they leave the comfort of their home.

We don't call our peeps "homer's" for nothing.

                                             Before                                                  After

You must get on over to see 

There are some seriously creative people reusing items like you wouldn't believe!


  1. Oh my gosh, I love it!! It looks so super fabulous. Seriously! I'm going to have to remember to look at the frames instead of the spectacle in the middle. :)

  2. I don't know- the cobra added a certain air of danger. Although it kinda looked like an overgrown scrunchy to me...just as dangerous I suppose, but not as likely to be charmed by music.

    LOVE the corkboard and the pin idea. Although I'd have added a "stone" with a Costco logo - that's my peeps favorite place to travel...

  3. Very cute I will have to keep my eye out at Gw for something like this.

  4. Now THAT is fabulous ! The after is so serene ! I swear, peeps would pay big bucks for that look ! Right on girlfriend, and I dig those pins you made!



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