Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Kitchen Table - Before & After

Remember my black,

 Pottery Barn inspired pedestal table? 

I wrote about it HERE?

That small table was a prelude to my next project.
My kitchen table.

My kitchen table is a larger version of the pedestal table I purchased at G.W. (Goodwill).
For some time now, I have entertained thoughts of painting my kitchen table black.
 I have had second thoughts.
Would I regret it later?

After I painted the smaller table,
 those second thoughts gave way to thoughts of,
when shall I start painting?

This is my kitchen table before.

Solid oak.
Purchased in 1993.
No cracks, no chips.
Paint and crayon marks sprinkled throughout.

I sanded the top,
just to make sure there weren't any dried out Cherrios camping out.

I wiped off the dust, 
armed with a sponge roller and some black paint, 
I bit the bullet.

 3 coats later,
 this was the result.

I think this rivals another Pottery Barn pedestal table.
My price tag is much easier to swallow.

Take a closer look.

I replaced the matching 4 oak, country style chairs, (popular in 1993)
with leather and espresso stained chairs.

Then added 2 chocolate, 
fabric covered dining chairs
to the head of the table,
 on each side.

This is how it all came together.

Pottery Barn looks,
at G.W. prices.


  1. I give it 10! Your version is even better! Great choice on the chairs!

  2. I love it! I give it a 10! I have a table just like it purchased from the same year! At the time, my three year old son took a hammer to it and made a nice chip in it! I have held on to the table all these years. I can't part with it, it holds so many memories! I have even come to appreciate the hammer chip. I feel inspired by your table! I think I will have to do the same! I love the Chairs! Thank you for your inspiration! It's all BEAUTIFUL!

  3. I have the same table and want so badly to paint it. However my husband, who loves wood, just throws a fit every time I talk about it. I am going to show him your post and maybe when he sees how beautiful it comes out he will let me give it a try. Happy holidays - Debbie

  4. Wow!! I have that country table! and was thinking about staining it a deep brown/espresso. Now maybe thinking I should paint it instead of stain. What kind of paint did you use?

  5. I have this EXACT table! WE are actually selling it and getting a new dining set. But you inspired me to PAINT IT and sell it for more!! Thanks!

  6. seriously gorgeous! great job! So...not spray paint eh? Not sure I'm savvy enough to tackle this, though I have a very similar table...

  7. That IS gorgeous - I have a table that I desperately want to paint black - what kind of paint did you use? Now I'm really itchin' to tackle that project!!

    Great blog, BTW =]


  8. Your table came out GREAT!! I've been trying to convince my husband to paint our almost identical table black for months! I just showed him your post and he wants to know what kind of paint (latex or oil based) you used. Also, which kind of finish, semi gloss? Did you use poly over it?

  9. Great job! Love the black and the new chairs.

  10. I love it! Serious love for it. It looks amazing!

  11. Hi Lisa,
    I also have this exact same table, complete with water stains, paint, and who knows what else on top. I dream of buying a new set, but after seeing this I am thinking I can do this! I would also like to know, what did you use for paint? Please let us know! Thank you so much!

  12. You did a fantastic job! I love it!


  13. This is the exact inspiration I needed! I also have an oak pedastal table purchased in 1993 and I have been wanting to paint it black. I have been so nervous about it though. Not anymore!!! Yours looks beautiful!

  14. Beautiful! What type of paint did you use? And did you use any Polyurethane on it?

  15. Wow! This is fantastic. Just over my shoulder sits my VERY similar table that I bought unfinished around 1980! You have done EXACTLY what I've been wanting to do with mine. I am officially inspired to act!

    Asking, as others have...What type/finish is the paint? Any poly over it, or is it just paint? Thanks!

  16. Ditto to all the other comments....
    I love your "new" table. As all others asked, "What type of paint etc" did you use?
    Dying to know so I can do mine!

  17. I give this 20 kernals!!! What kind of paint did you use?

  18. Great project! What kind of paint did you use and did you cover w/ poly afterwards? Love love love it! Great job and great job w/ PB looks.

  19. i like yours BETTER than PB!!! good job

  20. love, Love, LOVE your table. Just like everyone else, I want to know how you did it, what paint you used, etc. (details, details). I'm new to Blog Land, so I don't know if your reply goes someplace else or what. Obviously everyone loves what you've done, and we want to be "just like you!" Thanks! Keep up the good work!!!!

  21. Hi! I LOVE your table! and I love what you put on top of it to decorate it too. Can you share where you got those hurricanes and pottery? thanks!


  22. Beautifully done! I am going to redo my dining table this weekend! What brand/ color paint did you use?

  23. Melissa, I used VALSPAR ,latex enamel, interior/exterior paint. I believe I purchased it at Lowe's

  24. its a 10 for sure. i am doing the exact same table! can you tell me what brand of paint you used? also did you prime it etc?

  25. IT'S GORGEOUS! You did a fantastic job. I have a double pedestal in the same stain as yours, I'm hoping it will turn out as beautiful as yours did : ) I know you said you sanded before you painted, maybe I missed it, but did you prime and then poly after you painted as well? I'm hoping you say no because that would save so much time. By the way, love the kitchen!

  26. This is awesome I am really inspired! I was wondering you process along with everyone else, what kind of paint did you use and did you use primer. I was also wondering if you used polyurethane on the top. Again I LOVE it and would love to create something like this!

  27. You did a beautiful job! Where did you find your fabric chairs?

  28. Anyone can go to PB and buy a table but the thrill is in the hunt for a table and transforming it into something you love. Beautiful job and beautiful chairs around the table too!

  29. did you get paint roller lines on the top? I have done 3 coats and still have some lines.

  30. what color of black did you use and did you use a satin or semi gloss

  31. Did you sand the table top before you painted it?

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